Trek & Restore at Turtle Bay

by North Shore Community Land Trust

Disclaimer: This site is following COVID-19 protocols which are updated with the Hawaii State Department of Health and may restrict certain activities.

Kahuku Point lies majestically at the northernmost tip of Oahu. This undeveloped coastline is one the few remaining places on island with intact coastal strand habitat that includes native ohia flowers, monk seals, and nesting sea turtles, all of which are under threats from development, debris, and invasive activity. Help us restore the indigenous landscape while protecting the area for wildlife. 

We will begin with a guided hiking tour of the coastline from the Turtle Bay Resort. Upon arriving at Kahuku Point, we’ll work as a team in the sand to plant native species and remove invasive varieties that threaten the local vegetation.

Your efforts will help us achieve our mission of protecting one of the world’s last remaining accessible wild coastlines near a major metropolitan area. By saving special lands from development, together we will preserve places that enrich and restore the human spirit – now and for future generations to come.

Email: for current availability. Or check out the Facebook Events Page.


  • Opportunity to see monk seals, humpback whales, sea turtles, seabirds, and shorebirds
  • Learn about the history and cultural significance of Kahuku Point
  • Hear some local legends and become knowledgeable about native species
  • Enjoy a guided hike along the beautiful coastline of Turtle Bay Resort
  • Journey through sand dunes full of lush vegetation, past wind swept trees and rocky coral, towards our scenic restoration site

COVID-19 Update

  • Following all State and CDC guidelines
  • Groups limited to 4 volunteers

Know Before You Join

  • Ability to hike 3 miles over sandy, mostly flat terrain (beginner’s level hike)
  • Ability to perform gardening tasks that include bending, stretching and working in a windy area
  • No drop-ins, book for free using calendar on this page; (guided hike normally retails for $20 per person to hotel guests)

3 reviews

  1. North shore with a purpose

    I enjoyed the hike and learning about Hawaii’s native plants. A great way to experience the North Shore in a meaningful way, rather than just handing out at the beach.

  2. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it. We were able to clear out some of the invasive plants and plant native plants. I met a lot of great people and made some really good friends. It was well worth a couple of hours of my day to do something that wasn’t just for me.

  3. Feel Unique!

    It is a special feeling to go to the extreme points of an Island. Whether you go to O’ahu’s westernmost Ka‘ena Point (check out the new activity tracel2change offers:, one of the most exceptional things I did on that island) or you join this activity, the coastal hiking adventure to Kahuku Point, the northernmost area of Oahu, you will feel very special – also because just a few people get to see these points.

    Starting off with an impressive coastline hike and being able to push the idea of sustaining native species and removing invasive varieties is an experience that is not only fun but also teaches you what it means to actively have a positive impact. After the work in the sand, we hiked back and went for a swim at the Turtle Bay Resort. In sum, it was a great experience in an incredible scenery. My highlight were the two Hawaiian Monk Seals that were very close to us, that was a fantastic plus of this activity. Furthermore, the chances are also good to see some turtles! So, this is definitely a must do on O’ahu.

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