Full Moon Yoga & Food-drive

by Sunset Yoga Bliss

In Hawaii, be a lover of land, sky, and sea while finding your inner peace in this incredible full moon candlelight yoga flow. Harnesses the sounds of waves & glow of the moon rays to strengthen your body and soul.

Spread love and energy to the people that you care about and send blessings to the people that surround you.

Share gratitude for the things you have in life by participating in our Food drive, collected on-site, and donated to the Hawaii Food Bank


  • Enjoy a candlelit vinyasa yoga flow by the sea under the full moon.
  • Connect with Mother Earth and honor Hina, the moon Goddess.
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and spread the Aloha.
  • Your canned or prepackaged nonperishable food donation supports the Hawaii Food Bank.


  • Be Early (allow 10 extra minutes to walk from the parking lot).
  • Introduce yourself to the yoga instructor and indicate you signed up via travel2change

3 reviews

  1. Where You Want to be When it's Full Moon

    If you’re in Hawaii for the full moon, you don’t want to miss Julia’s full moon yoga class! So peaceful to be doing yoga with the full moon shining down on you.

  2. Namaste

    Great and relaxing experience, especially if you’re here for vacation. Awesome way to relieve some stress on this beautiful island!

  3. Amazing

    If you want to experience a relaxing night in Hawaii you need to check this out. It was my frist time doing yoga with an amazing atmosphere. While we were doing yoga you can hear the sounds of the waves, the moonlight shining on your face and the feeling of earth on your skin. It was wonderful to feel one with the nature. My friends and I met lots of people from different backgrounds and gave back to the community by helping out with the Food Bank. It was a night full of Aloha.



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