Kayak or Snorkel & Restore the Ecosystem

by Holokai Kayak & Snorkel Adventure ($)

This package includes Lunch, and offers a fun experience that will give you new insights into Hawaiian nature.

The day begins with an educational briefing, explanation of tasks and the gardening tools you’ll be using, and a brief history of the area.  Then you’ll help restore beautiful He’eia State Park for about 2 hours by reforesting native Hawaiian plants while removing invasives.

After Lunch, you be free to paddle & snorkel pristine Kaneohe Bay with our one or two-person Malibu open-face kayaks, or C4 Stand-Up Paddle Board. Experience diverse sea life on your own self guided adventure with all watercraft located right on the shoreline.

All guests are provided a safety briefing, detailed map on where to venture including Gilligan’s Island (aka Coconut Island), and a paddling orientation given by certified instructors of Holokai Adventures.


  • Help restore the park for 2 hours
  • Lunch BBQ is included (veggie options available)
  • Self guided Kayaking/Snorkeling Adventure in Kaneohe Bay
  • Kayaks include backrest, anchors, life jacket, and paddles
  • Snorkel Equipment & Dry Bag is included
  • All proceeds go to the nonprofit organizations: Kama’aina Kids and travel2change
  • Kaneohe Bay is protected by Oahu’s only Barrier Reef, perfect all skill levels including beginners
  • Sites include: Coconut Island (aka Gilligan’s Island), Kaneohe Sandbar, Key Hole, Patch Reef’s and Sunken City
  • All guides are American Canoe Association Certified
  • Holokai Adventures is a certified sustainable eco-tour operator recognized by the Hawaii EcoTourism Association

5 reviews

  1. Money Well Spent!

    We were a small group that had fun restoring the park. Time flew by and then we had the BEST lunch. YUMMY!!! After we took our the kayaks to the sandbar for a couple hours where we saw sea turtles and had fun under the sun. $40 WELL spent!!!

  2. Great adventure!

    This was my first experience kayaking and it was awesome. We had a great time on Saturday morning picking weeds that were overgrown at the State Park in KBAY. You should definitely try this event!

  3. Definitely worth doing if you are in Oahu

    Spent the morning learning about and clearing overgrown invasive plants at He’eia state park. After a delicious lunch, we got to go out on a kayak and explore the sandbar. Gorgeous views and great people. 10/10 would do again.

  4. Beautiful Views

    we started off the day to an amazing view of probably the most beautiful part of the island and were only asked to helped pick up trash and pick an invasive plant that has been taking over Hawaii. After a few hours of cleaning up, we were treated to an amazing lunch and a little tour of the area. Then went out into the water to a beautiful sand bar where unfortunately I had flipped our boat and all our stuff had drifted into the sea. Lucky for me, the wonderful group from travel2change went on a 15min snorkel adventure and retrieved all my girlfriend’s phone/go pro (thank you guys , you the true MVP).
    Overall , this was an amazing experience and if I ever come back to Hawaii , I will for sure be looking forward to meeting with you guys again.

  5. A great and meaningful experience!

    I love traveling but I always enjoy the type of traveling that makes you reflect and learn the culture and the people of the place. Travel2change was a great experience – it was meaningful and it felt great that you are doing something great for the community that you are visiting. There are many ways to see a place, and this one was definitely a great experience. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and made me realize that the little things do make a difference. I enjoyed helping out to restore He’eia state park during the day, getting to know the volunteers from different parts of the world and enjoying a great afternoon kayaking and snorkeling. Thank you for this unforgettable experience.

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